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tv   Tonight From Washington  CSPAN  May 6, 2010 8:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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. only at chili's. >> it is the orioles on masn and we welcome you to the brand- new field in major league baseball. this is target field. in minneapolis afour-game series for the orioles as they take on the twin whose are right now number one in the central division of the american league. the orioles coming off a sweep. and so the orioles will try to get out of that here tonight.
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hi, everybody. i'm gary thorne. great to have you with us as we open up here. we'll talk about the ballpark as we go along in this four- game set. let's talk about the one we're leaving. the metrodome is now history as far as mlb is concerned and the orioles are going to miss it. good averages that were put up there. the orioles' overall record, that is not bad on the road and for jones, wigginton and tejada, some pretty good numbers. caesar izturis, he wishes they would blow it up. jeremy guthrie, an outstanding number there and for kevin millwood, huh-uh. as with all ballparks indoors and outdoors, some of aring to succeed, mike flannagan and some are not. >> mike: and certainly some of the current orioles getting the last win that the orioles received at the metrodome. and kevin millwood, i'm sure he is just waltzing over here instead of going back to the dome. >> gary: brad bergesen is going to get a chance to bonn the mound. coming off last year an injury
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that ended his season. >> mike: you go back to last july 30th, everything was going well for brad bergesen, and 7-1 down the stretch, but you had a feeling once this happened as quickly as he really does get off the field, it was something much more serious as he heads and the trainer's room and it was a long season, a season- ending injury for brad bergesen. and he really put up some good numbers. and 71 -- 7-1 in 12 consecutive starts so a lot of things have changed. mr. times when you're hit by a line drive, it has a long-term effect. you go back to mike mussina and i saw norm charlton get by a line drive and going way back, even dizzy dean. it affecting your delivery. what you have to do, there's mr. different ways to do it. you to work on your line to the plate. take more ground balls hit back to you, but the orioles do believe there is something going on and going back to that injury. >> gary: he'll try to overcome that tonight against a very
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good offensive ball club and doing it at target field. the new yard. more on that from amber. >> gary, the orioles playing the twins for the first time outdoors in minnesota in 29 years. it is going to be a cold one tonight. it is supposed to dip into the 40s. boy, was this stadium worth the wait. it went back to 2005 with the twins announced they were going to build an outdoor ballpark. construction began in john of 2008 on the $554 million project. it is situated right in the heart of downtown minneapolis. part of the plage cost of this was changing the infrastructure of downtown to accommodate the park. they actually had to move the burlington northern santa fe railroad in order to accommodate it. each of the gates they're labeled after the retired numbers of the twins. it really is a nice park. you look at the scoreboard that is the gem of this ballpark. it is the fourth biggest in the major league. it is over 5,700 square feet in size. it falls behind the yankees and also coachman stadium.
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just to give you an idea, it is about an 8,000 square feet board. so that is quite a big screen there i talked about this park and so far the verdict is that it plays big. hitters are getting singles here. they're not getting a lot of home runs, according to the manager gardenhire. he says if you hit it down the right field or left-field line, that is where you have a chance for power, but ease essentially in left center, that is where balls are just going to die right now. as far as the infield, i heard it plays fair. some people say it plays a little fast and some of the twins think it plays pretty fair. we do know that center field is very big and dave trembley even mentioned the fact that if adam jones is not able to go today, he was going to put nick markakis in center field because he wanted his best outfielder in center field to come, and luckily adam jones is healthy and ready to go and in the lineup. a beautiful park. a cold night for baseball, but i have any long johns.
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gary, i almost forgot one thing. there are only over 400 women's bathrooms and only over 200 mens. i like this ballpark, gary. >> that's why i was standing in line and i'm not very happy about it! a ballpark that is vertically built, if you will. they didn't have a lot of space. it goes straight up and down. >> mike: it remins me of the metrodome where nay have the seats folded up. they are a bit vertical. once you have a new stadium, everybody is checking the nooks and the krannys to see how it will play. it will take some time before they come up with the home field advantage. >> gary: there are some noons and krannys. we'll see how they come into play. we're ready to go. the oriole fans coming in as well. minneapolis versus four.
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>> gary: orioles baseball on masn is brought to you by southwest airlines. go to grab your bag. it is on. we'll check for weather as we
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get set for the first pitch. covering the bays tonight, caesar izturis, the shortstop for the orioles which has played so well defensively and really only the infielder in the position he is supposed to be in careerwise. he signed as a free agent and played 10 seasons. you'll see the teams he played for. he had the gold glove and an all-star in 2005. izturis is rooking back now at the age of 30 on a pretty darn good baseball career. >> and i was like 6 years old, and i have a lot of scouts, and they just want to wait for the right time to sign, you know, and back then i try out with the team, and two days and i was like, you know, here we go again. and they're going to say we have to wait and see what is going to happen.
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>> that's how you're supposed to play this game. >> and his 14th professional season for izturis. >> pretty amazing. when he was coming up, he talked about how he "play of the day" for toronto for 20 years. >> and they love having him e here. for the orioles he has certainly been steadfast and likely meeting at -- a likely meeting at home plate with the two managers bringing up the cards because they're going over the ground rules.
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the first time for the orioles here and i'm not sure if it is the first time for this umpiring crew or not, although they are acting that way with a lot of questions with a lot of questions for the manager of the twins. there are some interesting aspents of this ballpark, not more so than right field. there is an overhang there of solid stone that, that white you see. it actually hangs out three feet over the field in to fair territory. so you can hit a home run and it gets up there into the seats before you can have a ball bounce off of that hard rock front that ricochets all the way back into second base. you can see how -- we'll see how that plays out tonight. the twins take the field. let's take a look at the startling lineup for the orioles brought to you by southwest airlines snee ramos
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is behind the plate. and he is taking some b.p. today. and karl pavano, the 34-year- old right-hander will be on the mown. >> gary: adam jones is ready to go tonight. they -- the orioles were not sure coming to the ballpark today whether he was going to be healthy enough to play or not. here is what happened on tuesday. on that swing, he hurt the hip. >> you can see him step out and whince. i'm not sure really how much of an effect, but it appears he is well enough to play tonight. >> gary: pavano is ready and we're underway. the pitch will be taken outside for a ball. i asked adam before the game sthat the swing that hurt the hip. and he said, you know something, i don't know if it was there or earlier and that
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justage vatted it but i really felt it on the cut. he'll take the pitch from pavano for a strike. most of these orioles hitters have not had a lot of at-bats or even seen pavano. jones is 1-2 in the only times he has been up against. and the delivery. jones is off the handle. and third, the cut-off, and wow. what a play! that's why this minnesota team is number one in defense in the american league. how about that play to start the ballgame! miami and they have been raving, about especially this infield of this minnesota defense and with the power to his left, and making an outstanding play. he started off and it has been the signature of this twins' club throughout this year. >> gary: wow. there you see the infield errors, only one for this team so far. and nick markakis in the number
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two hole nick is coming in with a six-game hit streak. .417 and he has had seven multi- hit games in the last 12. that is a strike on the inside corner from pavano. markakis is 2-5. the lifetime off of this right-hander. pavano is trying to figure out this new yard, too. his numbers are distincttively different early on at home and on the road and he has been much better on the road. now, it is too early to tell if that is going to be true. he got him. markakis goes down swinging. matt wieters ask batting in the number three spot. he has found the long ball. >> mike: going back to yesterday afternoon. and the majority of them, and in his very young career, and the left and the right-handed. and he has the bat head out and three home runs in five games, andy one in april. >> gary: wieters will take it
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for a strike. you cannot wait around long on karl pavano. he has slewed the fewest walks per nine innings of anyone in this league. his ratio is 22 strikeouts to three walks going into this ballgame. and wieters, and that one gets through on ramos. and mauer is not in the lineup. he did take batting practice today. he could play in this series. he has a bad heel, and they're not going to hurry him back. ramos gets the start behind the plate. this is the fifth time he has started this season for the twins. and wieters will take the pitch outside. two ball, one strike count. there is player. the mvp batting title and all of the o'good stuff that he brings, and they were happy to see him take b.p. today and he looks very comfortable. and that strike is there to him, and pavano is throwing easily and throwing the throwin machine, and he disappeared for about four seasons when he went to the yankees. >> gary: he has really turned
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it around. wieters goes down swinging. wow, pavano is overer powering. and the changeup. and 1-2-3 inning. we'll take a look at the lineup for the twins coming up. ntial. ♪ all right! achievement looks forward to dinner at home. achievement enjoys newfound freedom. i love you. [ male announcer ] mortgages, home equity loans, and lines of credit from pnc. helping achievers borrow with an eye towards the future. pnc. for the achiever in us all. ♪ traveling in the world of my creation ♪ ♪ what we'll see will defy ♪ explanation [ male announcer ] remember when you were five and anything was possible. ♪
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happy 5th birthday again. ♪ come with me and you'll be ♪ in a world of pure imagination ♪ >> gary: the twins coming up. let's take a look at thing lineup for ron gardenhire's lineup, and they are offensively minded. stan mudson and thome and
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comfortable, ramos, castillo, and dustin more know. the 2006 mvp three-time all- star hitting. >> mike: and the first strike one with his club scoring a lot of runs early and sink or swim is about finding the release point which he appears to have lost since last july and a look at some of the numbers along the way. left-hand irs are hitting .438. you can see the numbers in four starts so far. a lot of hits alot of walks. >> gary: and this team will take 135 walks, leads the major leagues for the minnesota twins. >> and stan when he gets on, she a problem. >> mike: a he has the 70 -- ten stolen bases, one more than the orioles have. >> gary: more know saying she the piston for the ball club.
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when he gets on, everything happens. and the delivery to him. that is going to miss. think ear going to make him throw strikes. they're not going to go after bergesen's pitches until the strikes are in there. they are even more like that than the yankees and the red sox are. and he'll take that one and the count goes full, 3-2. >> mike: and you can see the exhale by brad bergesen that ball was almost on the ground. you can see the highest on-base percentage. and more know, this is one of the clubs that take as lot of pitches and will take the walk. >> gary: and he punches that one the other way that is is a typical swing for spank and the kind of hits he'll get bel the tradition of the great tony aliveo who played here who has a statue outside of the ballpark. slash and burn. he'll just come through the strike zone. she not trying to overpower it. he is just trying to put anytime play. and 3-2 delivery and that one is delivered to center field. jones is going back and he's
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got it. one away. >> mike: let's take a look at the orioles' defense. jones returns to center field with particular cake is and tejada, izturis and wigginton and hughes will play first base. matt wieters is back behind the plate. so far, so good. dodging one bullet with the 3-2 count. >> gary: note, this minnesota team has scored two or more runs in the first inning in six consecutive games. they are only the second team in the last 86 years to have scored two or more runs in the first inning in six consecutive games. and the yankees in 1971 did it seven consecutive times. >> mike: that is an amazing statistic. obviously i have never heard anything like it. >> gary: back to short an izturis is up with it. and you won't hear it again. >> mike: that's right.
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bishop he retired. >> mike: there are good moments happening already. it appears to be a very low strike zone by the home plate umpire and that will really play to bergesen. >> gary: so two away and here is more know the fifth leading hitter starting the day in the american league, so he takes that for a strike. more know comes in with a six- game hit streak along with those big numbers. he has gone 9-25 during the streak. and bergesen's pitch is outside to him. and as with pavano, even more so, most of these twins' hitters have not faced brad bergesen. he has pitched against the twins only once. that one will be fouled away. bergesen gets ahead in the count, 1-2. >> mike: a number of left- handed bat ins the lineup against bergesen. i know he was commenting to
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rick kranitz the other day, and they have some left-handers, and you obviously brought up how he has struggled against him this year. >> gary: 1-2 delivery on the way, and is that's going to be taken inside gore a ball. brad bergesen is trying to get through the first inning efficiently. the twins come in with a four- game win streak. that will be outside. they have played very well here in their new home ballpark so far winning 9-12 games that have been played here at target field, which is right downtown minneapolis. that one to left field and the ball not traveling as well as it coined off the bat. a good inning for bergesen and so that ends it with the first inning runs for the twins. scoreless.
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>> gary: tonight's second inning is brat to you by luna. call for your second room of flooring. and take a look at our doubles in the season. twins since moving to minnesota, justin morneau, and cordova, and chuck knob lock and kirby puckett, the leaders of most doubles in a season. kirby puckett's statue is outside of the ballpark. tony aliveo's statue is outside of the ballpark. and killebrew has a statue
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outside of the ballpark. a very nice -- very nice areas around the yard as well as inside. here is tejada as the orioles bat. tejada comes in with a six-game hit streak of his own. he has continued to be consistent and a very inconsistent offensive start for the o's as a team. the chopper fouled at the plate . >> he has been a different hitter. >> and you can see the day- night different shall, and there are going to be a couple of day games here if the weather holds up. 0-2 the count on pavano. he gets it in. shattered bat. second base, and orlando hudson's throw is not in -- not
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in time. and tejada takes the severe chance of a head first dive at first base but gets away with it. he's got a single. and a seven-game hit streak. >> mike: and the bat goes flying in the seats behind the dug-out. orlando hudson is one of the outstanding defensive second basemen. he just -- it just rolls out of his glove and it gives migy just enough time to get down to first base. >> gary: the orioles get a hit. great stop by hudson, but he just couldn't get up to make the throw. so tejada is on. here is ty wigginton, the lead- off man is on. keep in mind 88% of the time pavano retires lead-off batters wigginton has seen pavano more than anyone. migy is dinning to hit the long ball. >> mike: wieters and reimold and migy, oh, my nyesterday's
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game. >> gary: that home run was the only hit he had in the series, however, as he went 1-13. he leads the orioles, nine home runs, 17 rbi's, and two of his three career hits against pavano have been home runs. is they do have some history. >> mike: we talked about it where coming out of spring training, i'm sure migy was wondering where his at-bats were going to come from. and he came into camp and it has really paid off for him with this great start. three wins, two losses, a decision in all five of his starts. he is 1-1 at home. opponents have hit .375 against him here with one homer on the road. and he has picked up 2-1 with a .210 average against him, so he is distinctly different and that is gone. way back. wigginton got it and good-bye
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home run, a two rbi shot for ty wigginton. pavano surrenders the third home run glens him on the season and the orioles have the 2-0 lead. mercy did he get into that one! >> mike: look at this 1-1 pitch. it is a hanging slider. that is the thing about migy. when he get as mistake this year, he has not mid it. >> gary: ty wigginton gives the orioles the early lead in the ballgame. and that is the sound off the bat. and a strike taken by garrett atkins. so the orioles get their 29th home run. wigginton is the first, though, to get into double digits. comfortable will have to play it on a hop and atkins is on. he has a four-game hit streak, and the orioles, three up and
8:29 pm
three on. two have crossed here in the second inning. >> we were sure that was not going to have an effect on the outing. they are coming out swinging the bat against some overwhelming numbers or trend trending certainly early in some of these ballgames. >> gary: here is brian hughes hughes is up. still nobody out in the inning. he takes the big cut. he is getting the start at first base in the ballgame. .273. no home runs, and he does have five rbi's. 15 strikeouts and three walks for the 26-year-old rookie on at first base is atkins. pavano will miss outside for that. pavano has had an extra day's rest because of the stiff neck
8:30 pm
that mike was talking about. they pushed his start back. he start this is one with an extra day wgning a very short miss at first base and a one ball, two strike count on hughes. ryan hughes is going to continue to get chances as the orioles' offensive numbers have stayed down. he has shown the ability, obviously some of the scouting reports catching up with him a bit. he had an oh-fer four in the games in new york miami the word will get out what your perceived strengths and weaks. and sometimes a hit will do well for a week, 10 days, and as fast as the information gets spread around the league, and
8:31 pm
actually both leagues. >> gary: the rain is coming down. it is in the forecast for later tonight we hoped. swung on and missed. hughes is retired. elevated that. third strikeout for pavano. >> mike: let's take a look at the pitch track. a 1-2 pitch. he gets him to expand the zone. >> gary: reimold getting the start in left field and he lopes that the offensive numbers are going to finally start coming for him because it has been a very slow start. that one in the air to center. there's a lot of room out there that art spahn can cover. reimold is retired and the fly ball is out. two away.
8:32 pm
>> it is a little smaller than the metrodome, but it is not looking that way. that is the breast way to put it. that is where wigginton put that shot about 12 rows back. that power alley in left. he really clocked him down the line. you can get one, not cheap here, though, 339, line shot. and that one is taken into the air to left field off the bat of izturis. comfortable is there and he's got it. but the orioles jump out. they get a couple of runs on three hits. ty wigginton picks up two rbi's, and his 10th home run of the season. 2-0, o's. ♪ all right!
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i'll give you $500 off. show me the carfax. i'll throw in the oil changes. just show me the carfax. a carfax report can help you choose a great used car. it's free at thousands of reputable dealers. just say, show me the carfax! >> back at target field, and he really credits ty wigginton with helping him in the big leagues. he says he calms him down. he was constantly asking him questions, where should i stand for certain hitters? what should i be doing during the pre-game? he just just had a million questions and ty wigginton said just calm down and worry about playing baseball at 7:00. he wasn't used to having pre- game routine. he was used to being told in the minor leagues what he is to do. he said he has made it simple and fallen into his own routine
8:35 pm
and he thanks ty wigginton. >> gary: that is a great role for wigginton to fill and he has done that for hughes. here is jim thome. the 39-year-old veteran. 1,579 career rbi's, 36 all- time. the shift is on by the orioles, and that pitch is going to be taken down low and a three ball, one strike count on thome. he has a chance and he got him. and that's how you do it! a base hit to right that ends up being an out. >> mike: and, again, he is playing more like short right field than deep second base. and he just has a flip and then it is bang, bang. >> gary: and i think he threw that bounce on purpose. >> mike: i'm sure.
8:36 pm
and just get rid of it and calculate the nice one-hop and he allowed hughes to make a nice stretch at first base, i'm sure. >> gary: here is michael cuddyer. he ranks third in rbi's in the american league. he will forever hold the distinction of having the first home run here at this ballpark, and he popped one down that left-field line. that will be taken inside. cuddyer, and now if i said home run, it is rbi. and cuddyer has the first rbi here. tejada is go to play it on the hop. boy, he needs to show that arm, it is there. two down. baltimore's hottest new address is back for a return at 2110 eutaw street presented by home savings of america and southwest airlines. on sunday, may 16, the eutaw street bleacher seat and the 2110 utah t-shirt, only $21. promotions included, and 888- 848-bird or go to
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two away and here is jason kubel. he does have the first home run put up here. the twins opened up with a 5-2 win against the red sox on the 12th of april, the first game here. and a base hit. even with the shift on he found a hole. kubel gets the first hit, the first base runner for the twins. >> mike: so far for bergesen, nothing but fastballs. and he wanted to establish and had a long conversation with kranitz today. he was a little concerned about all of the left-hander ins this twins' lineup. he says throw your sinker down and away and see what happens. maybe they'll roll over and you'll get some cheap outs. so far, so good and we'll have to continue to see if he can do it in the blizzard. >> gary: it is raining snow in parts of minnesota, and that is expected testimony and the hope
8:38 pm
was that they could get this game in before it started raining. and that hope is now gone. wilson ramos. he is only 22 years old. fifth start, and joe maw ser out with an injured heel. hi he has been hitting like that. and the determine in baseball is he clocked that one, and he did. two on, two out. >> mike: that is the first time i have seen the sinker really come up on bergesen. and well, you know, the first time around, the first couple of games he had a ton of hits on fastballs, and then the word got out, as we were speaking, and probably the first pitch he has seen or the first fastball he has seen. >> gary: he had an oh-fer seven
8:39 pm
actually coming up. the orioles' starters, the last 15 games, the only team, the only person with a win is bergesen. the orioles' starters have just struggled to get a win without a lot of run support. and now runners are on at first and second with go away. and casilla. and he is playing at short for j.j. hardy. hardy has a wrist that is giving him some trouble. he can play. he is available, but but they're waiting. the force play at second base and wigginton from izturis. no runs, two hits and no errors. and the orioles lead it 2-0.
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>> gary: orioles baseball on masn is brought to you by southwest airlines. go to grab your bag. it is on. and with mike flanagan and amber theo harris, i'm gary thorne in the rain outdoors. and with snow in the forecast for tomorrow. where's the roof clam oh, sorry. >> mike: and you heard nothing but praises about the new stadium so we have kind of gone out of our way, just whenever we get the chance. it is not so bad. >> gary: it is beautiful. are you kidding? no, no. and the summer games here will just be plagefully sent. >> mike: july 4th will be
8:42 pm
wonderful. >> gary: like new hampshire. >> mike: july 4 knot the winter. >> gary: and jones foul tips it. an jones, he got robbed of a lit on a fine play by punto. jones is now oh-fer his last nine. adam is seeing that average dip down to .222, in the month of may. and pavano, he loves to get ahead of hitters. he misses with that one and a one ball, one strike count. h swung and a miss a good breaking ball. we're talking about how the orioles have only had one starter get a win in 15. just the opposite with the twins. their starters have 16 wins. >> mike: anytime a team is asdom plant as with the yankees, much the same, you have to win a lot of ballgames. >> gary: and right now the
8:43 pm
twins have been getting that kind of pitching. jones puts the souvenir back. a one ball, two-strike count. the edwins' pitching is fifth in the e.r.a. the starters are fifth and their bullpen is second in the e.r.a. and, again, fouled back into the screen. the orioles, 11th overall e.r.a., and the starters the same, ranked 11th. the bullpen is ninth. this twins' offense, it is really troublesome. they're second in average and third in runs in the american league. one ball, two-strike delivery for pavano. he fouled it stright straight back. she forcing pitching here off of the twins' starter. >> and that is actually a good habit to get into. >> mike: it really jumps out a at you when you're preparing for this game and this match-up as the twins' hitters take a
8:44 pm
lot of pitches and drive it out. the twins pitchers. >> gary: towards short. cay seala. one away here in the third inning. mike flanagan wanted to know because it seemed like runs weren't being scored in lat of innings. 23.2% in innings which is 12th in in the american league. the they have had droughts. and the american league average is really closer to 30%. scoring three out of nine innings and the o's have been twoing it two out of nine innings. >> gary: and there is a base for markakis and he continues to be hot. he now has a seven-game hit streak. the orioles get the base hit all of pavano. that will be the fourth for the o's. that puts a runner on with one down here in the third inning and that will bring up matt
8:45 pm
wieters. here is where the ground ball double plays have really hurt the orioles. >> mike: they have one of the better pitchers to induce double plays. pavano. >> gary: that ball grounded towards second base. hudson, cay see ya, and nobody is left. baseball lost a great friend today. the hall of fame pitcher for the philadelphia phillies primarily and also with the orioles. he passed away in his sleep last night. robin roberts. we'll talk about him when we come back. caveman: where's my coat? it was suede with the fringe. vo: download the glovebox app free at
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>> gary: and through for or cabot wood stain ledge fair performance. robin roberts. the hall of famer in 1976, the seven-time all-star, and he received six-straight 20-win seasons that robin roberts put up. 19 years in the majors. 14 years with the phillies. he did pitch in the orioles from 1962 through 1965. he is survived by four sons abrother, seven grandchildren and one great grandchild. robin roberts gave so much to baseball. he was a member of the hall of fame board, and members of the bat board, the baseball assistance team. he was 83 years old. and in talking with the hall of fame people today, he said he watched the game and went to bed and did not wake up. >> we'll get the out. and punto is retired. and i saw robin when he fist started at michigan state. he said i went out for baseball. they asked me where do you
8:48 pm
play? he said what do you need? they said pitchers. and he said, well, i'm a pitcher. that pretty well summed up robin who had a wry since of humor. he was a wonderful man and a real gentleman. he is going to be really missed. here is art span and he rips that ---denard span and he rips that into the corner. he will go over into second base and he has a stand-up double. the third hit. >> mike: and in this ballpark, you would think it would be certainly conducive. and the short strokes. and his first four strokes, and you see bergesen get up. and the last inning and that one definitely is belt high or above. >> scott: so orlando hudson will stand in with an rbi
8:49 pm
chance. >> mike: the second time around, the left-handed hitters of the minnesota twins. >> gary: hudson grounded out his first time up and he takes the pitch inside for a ball. orlando hudson, just .200 with runners in scoring position so far. the twins as a team hitting .275 in that department, eight knot the american league. swung on and foul tipped on the changeup. >> mike: we haven't seen a breaking ball at all. they were trying to get away from it and they felt that bergesen was trying to use the full assortment and getting away from his strength with that sinker and so far i see a pretty dramatic improvement in his sinker than i have the last start which i thought was the fourth and fifth inning he threw a lot of belt high. >> gary: span with tremendous speed out there at second base trying to hold izturis behind him.
8:50 pm
one ball, one strike delivery and that one to wigging don. he's got it. and he makes the play to the out. span will move up, but there are two away here in the third inning. a reminder, t-shirt tuesday returns to oriole park next week when the first 10,000 fans 15 and older get the brian matusz t-shirt. every tuesday is always bargain night presented by olli's bargain. so all upper deck seats are $8. to get yours call or visit bergesen, a runner at third base. here is more know, and fifth in average, first in walks, and he flied out his first time up in the ballgame. and more know will take the pitch down low. and he is sitting .273 with the runners in scoring position. three hits on the board for the twins and four for the orioles. the on-base percentage, the american league leader at the
8:51 pm
plate. the set-up is outside. the pitch was there outside and a two ball, one strike count. >> mike: a very high on-base percentage. and that is the most in the american league. they actually have a couple in the 20s. this is an offense that is missing joe mauer the middle of it. and they have an on-base percentage close to 50% of the time that is pretty good. >> gary: you're probably going to score some runs. >> mike: i would think so. >> gary: yeah. 3-1 delivery on the way and he walked him. more know gets the free pass and bergesen gets the walk and it will give the designated hitter, jim thome, the chance, and dave stretchably there on the top step watching hoping pavano can give the orioles quality deep start that they need as he has seen his starters knocked out early and
8:52 pm
all too many. david hernandez, three and 2/3 innings nerd. and that pitch is going to be taken outside. thome with a ground ball out his first time up. he is ever dangerous. with the long ball, the shift is on. he hit into that shift into shallow right field with the ground ball his first time up. that is going to be away. 2-0. ken griffey among the active players and then a-rod and jim thome with a-rod and chipper jones. >> mike: that is pretty good fire power on that list. an ken griffey jr. to have only one extra-base hit so far, and that is a little disturbing, but it is -- he has been good for an awfully long time. >> gary: trying to day away, but not hitting the outside. he is trying to stay away from that pull power. and instead bergesen falls behind in the count.
8:53 pm
3-0. and he walked him. back-to-back walks, and the bases are loaded. >> mike: this is the way they do it. and brad bergesen. 16 file this is year they have had five or more walks. >> gary: this is where they have struggled wthe bases loaded ironically. this really good ball club that drives in runs, they have just not gotten it done with the bases loaded. let's see what happens here with two down. bergesen is struggling now with cuddyer at the plate. >> mike: the amazing thing here, you start to see the numbers, they have had more opportunities with the bases loaded than anyone. >> gary: and a fly ball to center field. and jones is back and he's
8:54 pm
going to have room and he's got it. no runs, one hit, no errors. three are left on base. and the orioles still have a 2- 0 lead fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding)
8:55 pm
. >> gary: let's take a look at the orioles' schedule presented by the m.d. m.d. highway association. and replaining you to click it
8:56 pm
or ticket. and saturday, 1:00 eastern time and then sunday, 2:00, and then the orioles will be back home to take on seattle. a day off monday. they open up the series against seattle on tuesday. log on to to win a masn prize pack for the maryland state highway administration. with that bases loaded out now, the minnesota twins are hitting .154 with the bases loaded. they're 7-46. tejada leading it off. he singled and scored in the second inning. ty wigginton with the two rbi homer, the two runs in the ballgame. the orioles are 2-4-0 and they have left zero and the twins have left five on base, three of those in scoring position. we go to the fourth inning.
8:57 pm
miguel tejada, and that one bounces all the way to the back and there is another quirkiness about this ballpark. the backstop is the same rock that we showed you that is out there in right field, that white -- i don't know if it is granite or whatever it is, but it is white rock, and the ball, if it goes back there, will bounce all the way back to the plate and beyond if it hits just right. 3-1 delivery and that's going to be outside. tejada has drawn a walk. put that on your video machine. you don't see that very often. >> and from karl pavano and also miguel tejada. >> gary: amazing, lue? here is our ford drive of the game. >> mike: and look at this hanging slider. that is pretty much a carbon copy of the home runs he has hit this year. >> gary: and a strike and your local ford dealer invites you to experience ford like ever
8:58 pm
before. ford, drive one. and miguel tejada is on at first base. that is his fifth walk and only the fourth given up by pavano all year. perfect. just the way the baseball gods planned it. and a ground ball to second. hudson, casilla, and the ground ball, the double play, and they're just killing the orioles. >> mike: as we said the last inning, pavano is good at inducing that. two is far tonight, but he had 19 last year. you don't mind if you walk somebody every now and then if you're able to get a double play and, of course, the orioles don't run either, so they're pretty confident that that runner is going to stay at first base. >> gary: so the second double play hit into in this game by the orioles. the first ball liting to right field, garrett atkins, cuddyer. he's got it a quick inning. pavano out of it no runsno hits, no errors and nobody
8:59 pm
left. the orioles are up 2-0.
9:00 pm
>> orioles baseball on mass season brought to you by at&t, rethink possible. >> i'd like to say what you're looking at is an enhanced measure. is problem is not on your set, but here at the ballpark where it is raining, pretty hard. the umpires and take teams know that the forecast for tomorrow is terrible, so they're going
9:01 pm
to try to get this game in and maybe play a little longer in these conditions than they might otherwise. bergesen gets it in there for a strike. the orioles have the 2-0 lead. jason kubel, a single his first time up. a couple of hits. he fouls that one off. and the first base coach. >> mike: he is staying with that sinker. >> gary: the twins like the yankees are winning series. they have won eight of the nine series that they have played this year. they're 19-9. they have a 3.5 game lead over the tigers. and to the left, reimold. one away. the bottom half of the fourth inning. kubel is retired. >> mike: talk about running deep into a ballgame. as lone as he can keep his pitch down that is something he has not been able to do this
9:02 pm
yearment and sometimes he is not being able to get out in the third. and he may be able to get the snow as it lands. >> gary: he takes that one inside. the 22-year-old doing the watch catching. outside. and here is the 2-0 delivery. to third, and that is a fair ball. tejada with a long throw. h e's got it there. and there are two down. talking about the number of pitches that are thrown. you keep an eye on this 0-25, pretty good. 26-50, real good. and once he hits that 51-pitch mark, it really starts to fly
9:03 pm
up and then over 75 and it is just out of control. and he is there right new at 51. bunt there had for the base hit. tejada is trying to whistle, the grounds crew. oh, and the grounds crew gets a base hit! he whistled at it. and he snapped his feet, he swore at it. >> mike: but it rolls off the carpet. and you can see the chalk itself. that is really kind of a no-no, but that is the chalk. and with the rain and the snow on it, it really rolls the ball on the chalk. and when you really want to bunt for a base lit, you can move it up the line or foul without losing an at-bat. >> gary: so casilla get as two- out single. and here is nick punto batting
9:04 pm
ninth. and bergesen over. 2-0 lead for the orioles. democratic punto growned out his first time up. the bottom part of the order. he has some real good bunters in it, casilla and punto. the long look, and he may have been going. and casilla had a little lean going over there at that time. he has not stolen a base this year. the twins are 16-19 in stealing bases. they are led by denard span, their lead-off batter with seven. the run is not going. the pitch is away and a 1-0 count on nick punto. punto likes the new ballpark so far. he is hitting .300 here at
9:05 pm
target field. which is right across the street from target center. both of which are right downtown. >> mike: i took a cab over today from the hotel, and about $1.25 cab ride. he said we're here as soon as i closed the door. all right. sheer a $10 tip. >> gary: and a strike taken. >> mike: i can't wait to do it again tomorrow. [ laughter ] ! >> gary: you really are lazy, aren't you? >> mike: it is terrible. >> gary: one ball, one strike count on nick punto. it is a nice little walk. >> mike: i walked around. >> gary: good. 1-1 delivery. the runner holding at first base. that's going to miss. and on almost all of these left- handers if you watch what matt wieters is setting up, they're trying to stay away from all of
9:06 pm
them. mat's glove has been barely on the part of that strike zone, if there. >> mike: and bergesen's strength is down and away and just sit there and let me get my release point back. we talked about it at the open of the show. his strength is he is a sinker ball pitcher. he is not a power pitcher. he needs it away and down. and in this lineup, he is going to get a lot of practice with all of these hitters. it could be the kind of start that could lock you in and send you on your way. >> gary: right back into the screen. two ball, two-strike count on nick punto as bergesen tries to work out of the inning with casilla over at first base. the rain has fallen. as you can tell, it has darkened the infield dirt. there you see the pitch count by inning, which is fine. you can get out right here.
9:07 pm
he got that to third. and he still has the play at first, and he gets the out. so punto retired. no errors and one left on base at target field. evertz test tn
9:08 pm
>> gary: this is the inaugural season for the new ballpark, and the orioles against pavano, starting out pretty well as wigginton delivers a home run to watson and a 2-0 orioles
9:09 pm
lead. brad bergesen has gotten it done as the orioles have the 2- 0 lead go ing into the fifth inning. 53 degrees. it feels cold were the breeze blowing here. light rain in the forecast, and it has been raining the last couple of innings. all of the players said it is impossible to know what the wind is in this park yet. it swirls. the flag goss in all different directions at the same time. there is a rain manger. behind second base. off the bat of hughes. shortstop. casilla got there. that is a tough play. way up and looking up into the rain. oh-fer two for ryan hughes. here in the fifth inning, reimold and then izturis. i tell you one thing, the breeze is blowing in right now. >> mike: it is blow flag the booth, i can tell you that. all of a sudden, yes. >> gary: that guy from new hampshire is cold. >> mike: i'm not cold. >> gary: oh, just checking.
9:10 pm
a strike on the outside corner. >> mike: i saw you out by the pool today. >> gary: you have to enjoy this weather. >> mike: skating. >> gary: here is the 0-1 pitch. check swing. did he go? they go to first base. yes. paul norton down there. karl pavano has walked one, struck out three. bergesen with two walks and no strikeouts. >> mike: he has a pretty good breaking ball and changeup tonight. he always has a pretty good sinker in the past. will he stay healthy. pavano with the fastball that comes inside. he ended up with an e.r.a. over 5.00. he won 14 games though, and this year the e.r.a. 3.73 coming into this, and he jams reimold and gets the foul ball. i want to remind you, and one lucky winner is going to receive four v.i.p. seteing, v.i.p.
9:11 pm
parking. and you can watch practice from the field as well. your chance to see orioles park up close. nolan reimold bobble head night as he departs on this. pavano gets the fourth strikeout. two down. >> mike: and when he need as ground ball, he goes for the sinker. when he want as strikeout, he goes with the slider-splitter combination. you can see why he has been so effective. >> gary: pavano is 4-2 lifetime against the orioles as he makes the start. this is his eighth career start. the last time was september of 2008 when he was pitching for the yankees. it has been a while. izturis flied out his first time up. and izturis tries to punch it that way and it is fouled off. and spar row hawk waiting, for what, i'm not quite sure. >> mike: i better cover my arm
9:12 pm
up. >> gary: perhaps you better take that leather strap off your arm. >> mike: the vultures are always circling around pitchers. the vultures come from miles around! >> gary: five strikeouts, pavano retires the side. fly southwest's new nonstops from bwi airport to panama city beach starting at $99 one-way. (ding) boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense.
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boss: trust is key when talking about geico. you gotta feel it. why don't you and i practice that with a little exercise where i fall backwards and you catch me. gecko: uh no sir, honestly... uh...i don't think...uh... boss: no, no. we can do this. gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could snee with the dodgers, and he's with the angels, and that is special, special moment every time we play against in a real game, you know, and we talk about the real game, and it was fun. it is fun. and everybody have a brother to play against, and it is like a dream come true. [speaking spanish ] >> caesar in spring training very early. and he is a guy that will leave
9:14 pm
it all on the field. he is proud of his heritage of venezuela. every time he goes out object the field, he is prepared an as a family we're very prod of him and the quality player that he is. >> gary: the orioles' shortstop and his brother as we cover the bases tonight with caesar izturis. he's out there in the rain, and the pitch is going to be taken down low as we go here to the top of the order for the twins. span has doubled and flied out, a six-game hit streak. he, too, has hit well here. .395 his average here at home, which is only the sixth highest in the american league even though it is .395 for a home batting average. >> mike: they'll do a lot to work the count. 61 pitches now for peering sen. that is really the best situation he has been in pitch countwise for a while. >> gary: span, hudson and more know batting here in the fifth
9:15 pm
inning and he falls behind span 3-0. >> mike: these next three hitters he may have to expend 15, 20 pitches. >> gary: and span will take that and it is in there for a strike. he is a very disruptive base runner hen he is on. he has a couple of triples already and a good job by brad bergesen to come back and get two strikes on him. >> mike: taking all the way on the 3-1 count. you don't see that too often anymore. >> gary: here is bergesen's 3-2 delivery and span will chop that to second base. wigginton has it on a nice comeback. and bergesen gets that out and one away. time for our at&t mobility trivia question. how many new mlb stadiums have been built since 2000?
9:16 pm
five? eight? 10 or 13? >> mike: i'd say all of them. >> gary: all of the above. our answer is one of those is the correct answer and that's the one we choose! my guess is eight. >> mike: i'll say five. >> gary: okay. and the correct answer is? i don't know how i keep doing it night after night. >> gary: i don't know why they keep pummeling us. and think of that, though, since 2000, 13 new ballparks. wrigley and fenway and everything else. >> mike: it seems like we have been on two this trip, angel stadium and here in minnesota. that's why i get so distracted. i don't even think about the towns i'm in. >> gary: and he falls behind again. bergesen on the first two hitters here he has fallen behind 3-0 each on span and
9:17 pm
hudson. orlando hudson, oh-fer two. he'll take and that's in there. he has grounded out twice. hudson a table setter. he is fourth in runs in the american league starting today's play. and he goes to second base. so bergesen has found the secret. start out 3-0. and there are two down. and as predicted, with the -- when the sinkers are working right, you get a lot of roll overs to second base. >> gary: a good job by brad bergesen on these two hitters. he has been able to get back. number three hitter, and here is more know. he has flied out and drawn a walk, two away. nobody on. 2-0 lead. the wigginton home run for the orioles. the only runs on the board, each team with four hits. the twins have already left six on base and the orioles one. and reverse diagnose numbers, the orioles have seen in so many games this season. that's going to be a base hit. and, again, through the shift.
9:18 pm
more know is on with two away. >> mike: dave trembley was talking about before the game, maybe we can sneak a couple of games here with the twins coming on the series with their arch rival the tigers. and he has been a little bit flat. >> gary: and there is jim thome. designated hitter. the d.h. for the twins, just .224 combined. 26 homers and two rbi's. d.h. numbers overall are way down for the first month-plus of this season. bergesen, 1-0 delivery to him and that will miss and he did not go around on it and it is 2-
9:19 pm
0. he has gotten the outs, but he is living dangerously, brad bergesen, falling behind these hitters. >> mike: so he has some dure ease. >> gary: and bounced back and he gets a strike on the foul ball. 2-1. and jim thome, 12th on the all- time home run leader list. he is chasing raphael palmeiro for the number 11 spot. and thome, the other way. deep and foul 20-plus home runs for thome and in every one of the last 16 years, putting the twins' uniform and bringing
9:20 pm
over a great presence to this ball club. bergesen is trying to get system of the dirt out of the cleats now as that rain has continued to fall. thome to center. and jones, and a lot of room out there. no runs, one hit and no errors. one left on base. they originally didn't plan to have this deck that is way up top down the left-field line. in the last minute they put it in and it has become a favorite.
9:21 pm
9:22 pm
>> gary: fans, tonight's hd broadcast is brought to you by ford. your local ford dealer invites you to experience ford like never before, ford, drive one. and by h.h. gray, we make buying tvs and alines simple. h.h. gray, price and advice guaranteed. we now understand season tickets, every game -- every game has a seat, specially reduced price. it is a little far away and up, but they have much better eyes than we do. >> mike: and it was the best perch he had ever seen! >> gary: oh clam and a strike taken as jones leads it off here. he has grounded out twice. here is the box score early on. the ty wigginton home run.
9:23 pm
>> gary: jones has grounded out twice. he has now reached oh-fer his last 10. karl pavano on the mound. the 34-year-old right-hander is trying to bunt his way on. jones fouled it off, and a one ball, two-strike count. more and more we see out of jones trying to get a bunt down. and probably once a game here. if he is going to stay in the lead-off spot, dave trembley has said you have to try to find a way to increase the on- base percentage. lip and change your game plan with wrote you hit in the order. we have seen adam hit around the order. there are different responsibilities certainly when you hit in the top or the middle. >> gary: pavano with the 1-2 delivery to him and he got him that will be strikeout number six. one away. make your plans now for the first fireworks night of the season this friday may 14. the indians are going to be in
9:24 pm
town. 7:05. stick around for the game for the great fireworks and every friday is at&t student night. all students can purchase left field upper reserve seats for only $6 with a school i.d. for details, 888-848-bird or go to the sixth inning here at target field in minnesota and the pitch is taken by markakis. markakis got a single his last file up. he is 1-2. and now he now has a seven-game hit streak. pavano gets the new baseball. there are the new stadium that is we so tragically missed in our trivia question. >> mike: i'm trying to think of how many i have been do. so maybe my answer wasn't so bad. [ laughter ] >> gary: you make more excuses than anyone i have ever seen!
9:25 pm
>> mike: i just can't figure it out. >> gary: in the air to center field stright away. span has got it and markakis is retired. and there are two down. so, again, the orioles in a ballgame dominated by pitchers. a tight ballgame coming to the middle. just playing through the rain drops. and it looks like another sell- out crowd on hand here as you would expect in this new ballpark as the fans take the opportunity. they have sold out nine consecutive games. 39,037 is the official sell-out number. the 0-1 count, matt wieters. wieters hit special a flay and then struck out. a lot of local flavor here. mr. of the, if not most of the concession stands, are all local businesses, local restaurants, that have come in. that's great. keep the local flavor going.
9:26 pm
and i saw some loan chile, so i -- chilly so i flew it was good. and that is taken inside. >> it is loan chili, and it took off. >> gary: a lot of movement on that pitch. pavano ahead on the count here. 1-2 on wieters and goes outside to him. >> gary: he'll try to get the out here. 2-2 delivery here and bounces that one. the count goes to three gal balls and two strikes. he is showing patience for pavano. in the an easy night for anyone
9:27 pm
out there playing at there point as it is pretty damp. >> mike: i have always said the pitch ser the warmest one on the field, though. >> gary: and wieters will foul it off. three ball and two-strike count. the orioles certainly hope the long ball they have seen on matt wieters will come up late and will continue. four home runs now. 13 rbi's. three of the homers hit left- handed, and he started to pull the ball left-handed, and he draws a walk. only the second one. pavano had given up only three in his first five starts. he has walked two in this ballgame. >> mike: i think he would like to have that. that was a pretty good pitch that went out of his hand. that is a pretty amazing statistic right there. under four walks in 73
9:28 pm
consecutive games. that is a pretty amazing number. >> gary: that is a lot of innings. >> mike: that is a lot of strikes. >> gary: it sure is. and tejada shoots that one into right field for a base lit. cuddyer will hold the runner at second base. and tejada has a perfect night going at the plate two singles and a walk, and the orioles are going to get a two-out chance here in the sixth inning, two on and two down. >> mike: it really is the type of 3eu67er that migy likes to hit. around the plate. he is not going to walk people. migy just has that magic wand. >> gary: and now for the orioles. they have to break this one. oh-fer 16 with runners in scoring position coming into this ballgame that's what they had against the yankees. two on. for the first time in the game the orioles have actually had had a runner at second. wigginton to get the home run with a runner at first. so officially it is the first
9:29 pm
time an oriole batter is hitting with a runner in scoring position. each team has five hits. wigginton take as strike on the outside corner and he didn't think so. >> mike: that's what you like about migy. he happens that slider and he lets that bat fly. >> gary: wigginton, one of the better numbers with two down with runners in scoring position at .286 because the overall numbers for the orioles in these situations is. >> jim palmer: 179. dave trembley knowing how important these runs are. ron gardenhire is getting used to all of these outstanding
9:30 pm
starts from his starters and wigginton will take it other way foul. 1-2. >> mike: wigginton is just trying to protect the outside part of the plate. >> gary: wieters has a two-out walk, tejada, the single. they have the runners at second and first. pavano's delivery to him is short. casilla alow throw and a nice play by orlando hudson! that was right down at the feet, and hudson did a good job to hang on to this. but he did. they get the force out. no runs ahit and two are left on the orioles are still up 2- 0. tz test cc1
9:31 pm
9:32 pm
>> gary: mohammed is doing more on defense. and nick punto, and denying him hit and then he got thrown out by wigging don, and then the absolute perfect bunt down the line, tejada did everything he could, but it stayed fair, and a bunt single for casilla. and doing more with less thrashings is the power of home depot. >> mike: in minnesota for a long time, something they haven't had to do in a long time. as you can see for the first time in tonight's game,
9:33 pm
starting to get a little sloppy so they address it between innings. it was in the home plate area. and you want to watch closely which is how the spikes start picking up and clumping. >> gary: is it from the mississippi river bed? they actually pulled this dirt up, dry it out and use u it. that's what we see all around the field here, a very high clay content. you talk about a ballpark that was built with local flavor. >> mike: yes. and everything within 50 miles. and within a 500-mile radius.
9:34 pm
>> gary: the trees came from a town not too far away. michael cuddyer. popped up, short, and cuddyer is retired. he's oh-fer three. izturis is making the play. the bottom half of the sixth inning. brad bergesen, a couple of -- local trees. and they will really be pretty in christmas! you won't be laughing then! the life blood of everybody in the yard, and they come and put presents under there! brad bergesen has walked two and struck out none. he has pitched a heck of a ballgame so far. kubel a single and he has flied out. jason kubel to second base. brad bergesen right now is in
9:35 pm
charge of this ballgame. two down. >> mike: and he has done it almost exclusively with a fastball and an occasional changeup. i don't know if i have seen one or two breaking balls that was on the left-handed hitter p hitting. it is going to do a lot to buoy his confidence. he has not been to the sixth inning this year. this is what he did with regularity last year. >> gary: the young catcher, ramos stands in, aened he will foul that one off outside of third base. and the orioles with the five hits and the two runs. the twins are 0-5-0 as brad bergesen is looking for his second win of the year, and give the orioles the chance for a start tore get just the second win in 16 games. inside-out, popped it up. not a lot of room. wieters will not have a play.
9:36 pm
bergesen is only 24 years old. he is trying to secure his spot on this staff. a career record 8-7. that one breast cancer a bat is. a 1-2-3 inning as bergesen continues to be very effect five. there is some of that local flavor right there. hm, bohm-bohm, bohm-bohm ♪ ♪ bohm, bohm-bohm-bohm-bohm ♪ bohm-bohm, bohm-bohm, bohm-bohm, bohm ♪ ♪ if you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve ♪ ♪ you gotta evolve ♪ if you want a revolution, the only solution, evolve ♪ ♪ you gotta evolve ♪ if you're getting off track and you want to get back ♪ ♪ may take a lot of work, gonna break your back ♪
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>> gary: and now time for our cay bot wood stains legendary performance. happy birthday, willy! this is his birthday, the 1979 hall of fame inductee and, of course, maybe the greatest. a lot of people argue that that is the greatest baseball player who ever lived, all around player. willy mays. >> mike: i loved watching him play. i didn't get the see him that often early on, but a legendary- type player with mays and mantle. who is the best. the debate all the time. >> gary: and happy birthday to willy! here is atkins who has singled and flied out. garrett atkins has a four-game hit streak. and he will take that for a
9:39 pm
strike. and he has pumped up his average, the .280 mark. karl pavano's pitch to him and pavano will miss with that. and it goes to one ball, one strike, atkins with hughes and reimold following. the fastball is going to be taken up high. >> mike: both pitchers have been very efficient, only one mistake. and they capitalized on it, otherwise this one has been about as evenly as you can -- two starters can go at it. >> gary: dave trembley, the other day, in a game in new york. atkins hit a ball. he didn't run. he would have had a base hit. it ended up staying fair. trembley talked to him and said afterwards, i just told him, run, don't umpire. and that is a strike on the outside corner, and a three ball, two two-strike count on
9:40 pm
atkins. the orioles have had 12 games decide i by one or two runs. they have all been so close down the line and that is just foul. stands jut out down each line. it is very tough for the left fielder or right field tore get over there and make any plays. that kind of reminds are you of boston. >> mike: right. >> gary: where the stands are like that, especially down the left-field line. three ball, two-strike count on at kings and swung on and missed. he'll be tagged out. and strikeout number seven in the game for pavano. >> mike: that is a season high for pavano. a chance with a breaking ball.
9:41 pm
and the swing with atkins expanding the strike zone leading off the inning. >> gary: pavano keeps moving along here. ty wigginton, the home run that came in the second inning as tejada singled to lead it off and wigginton got all of it to left center field. the only runs in the game so far. and down to first. fouled off. ryan hughes has struck out and popped out in the ballgame. the orioles on the road so far this year. they are just 3-13. they have hit only .250 on the road averaging 3.4 run as game. respectable e.r.a. of 4.50 in road games. and hughes will go the other way, and he gets a base hit. now, there's an at-bat. he'll want to replicate that as he took that pitch where it was given and get as single. >> that is the sixth hit for
9:42 pm
the orioles. >> mike: textbook. >> gary: the orioles have their sixth hit. here is reimold. he has struck out, flied out and will take a pitch inside for a ball. he has a couple of home runs, 10 rbi's and five doubles, but the average right around that mendoza line. .194 for the moment. pavano is working him inside and missed with it and the count goes to 2-0 on rye mofld.
9:43 pm
hughes with the lead at first. reimold to third. punto, one, and hudson, two. and the third ground ball play, but the orioles have the 2-0 lead. the seventh inning stretch time here at target field brought to you by jack daniels' tennessee whiskey. please drink responsibly. as if it wasn't enough to make it with a full third pound... of 100% angus beef, they had the audacity to use a bakery-style bun...
9:44 pm
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9:45 pm
>> gary: the oriole have the 2- 0 lead. and the best chance, minnesota, perhaps in the third inning. they got the lead-off double and they ended up with the ways bases loaded with two down, and he could not score. he left him full. bergesen has just worked around whatever problems there have been, but it is a very tight game. and he's into unchartered water for the season this deep into a game. a strike on the inside corner to casilla.
9:46 pm
the 24th start of his career. the slot to short. and izturis right on the end of that webbing. casilla is retired and one away. the orioles invite all little league players and coaches. the next little league day is may 16. and you get to parade around the warning track at camden yards. the little leaguers are there earlier for the first session and it was great. sign your team up at 888-848- bird or go to for details. and nick punto is oh-fer two. he has grounded out twice. ball club has a .277 average here in their home yard so far this year. he's bunting base hit foul. they have scored 6.6 runs a ballgame here. so bergesen is absoluting down a team that has not only hit well, but here. and will ohman is in the pen.
9:47 pm
bergesen came in with a 10.57 e.r.a. >> mike: and the twins on the defensive side, and it is really the offense, and you have to give bergesen a lot of credit. and he has played well early on. >> gary: and that pitch is going to be taken inside for a ball. and it has rained almost the entire ballgame. roughly from the second inning on the rain started and they have come out each half inning and put the drying agent on the field. again, working away, and the two ball, one strike count. >> mike: he has to be pretty happy with the game plan so far. >> gary: bergesen has had great control on that outside part of the plate. even when he has policed, he has been close. >> mike: instead of three
9:48 pm
pitches, try not to -- why not try to master one, and it has paid off. >> gary: again, just missing. >> mike: and we talked about, it is not so violent on the end of his delivery. and clearly he was overthrowing and he is clinching on the mound, and he has eliminated that tonight. >> gary: and punto takes it to left field and reimold is there. he's got it and there are two down here in the seventh inning. the orioles' tight ballgames have just continued on here. there you see the one-run ballgames five and six there there are been two-run ballgames. >> mike: wow. >> gary: and you turn a few of those around and it is a whole different start. brad bergesen has the first two outs here. the top of the order, denard span and he hits to second and
9:49 pm
he can't get it. base hit. span is 2-4, a double and a single. this one with two down in the seventh inning. bergesen is going to be around. >> gary: that will bring up orlando hudson. hudson is a .263 career hitter against the orioles. he has a couple of home runs lifetime against o's pitchers. he's gone oh-fer three in his first outing against bergesen, and rick kranitz is to the mound. >> mike: the orioles' bullpen, they just want to reinforce the -- i guess the situation is the best way to talk about it. there inning extends further along. let's not get into the power
9:50 pm
part of the twins' lineup. >> gary: orlando hudson has not had a hit in his last 12 times to the plate. he came in with a .289 average. and brad bergesen has held him down so far. span with the great speed over there at first base. do you run here? ron gardenhire. >> mike: that depends on what he feels about the track. he has been treated around the home plate planed area. i'm not sure how it is over at first base. that has something to do with it, so i guess under that condition the answer has been no. >> gary: unless you're a super seauer. one-strike out on orlando hudson. >> mike: you're in for the real power, the left-handed power
9:51 pm
and that's why ohman is up at the bullpen and he may have told him this is your last hitter either way, but thome is back-to-back, and that would be a threat. >> gary: bergesen, the long hold and the 0-1 deliver whether i. down to first base, and it will go off the glove. wigginton will back it up and hold up the runner. hughes is trying to make the play and it will bounce off his glove where two down, the twins have runners at first and second base. >> mike: it guess off the heel of hughes' glove. >> gary: so that is going to be it. brad bergesen, unquestionably his best performance of the
9:52 pm
season. he will leave with a chance to be the winning pitcher in this ballgame. will ohman will come out of the pen. seventh inning, two on and two down. crisp? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
9:53 pm
>> the accounts and descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of the orioles. brad bergesen is out of there. that last play was an error
9:54 pm
called and here comes ohman. >> mike: his 15th appearance in the year. we're seeing him a lot this year. the left-handed batters along the way. he is out of the gate pretty well. and so far just six hits and the walks are a little on the high side. so i'm not expecting him to give in. >> gary: more know has been tough on left-handers. swung at it and missed. ohman comes at him. span is on at second and hudson is on at first. two down. the seventh inning with the orioles leading it by a score of 2-07. ohman, .222 batting average and he has gotten 86% of the batters he has faced, the first batters he has faced. a foul, and it is a hit. tonight there haven't been a
9:55 pm
lot of chances. more know, the fifth best average in the league coming in. he is at .357 now. the runners on first and second and the 0-2 delivery. how to protect. more know, 30 home runs last year. he hit .274. and 85 runs. he had a big year. again, the two-strike delivery on the way. noel breast cancerring but asking. he didn't get it. >> mike: the twin hitters have so many walks along the way, to
9:56 pm
be able to judge that strike zone. and two inches off the outside corner. >> gary: a two-strike count now on more know. and he will take that bun away. and 24 walks, 18 strikeouts for him. and ohman is trying to get him to chase a couple. he'll go after him here. a two ball, two strike count. >> mike: the sacrafice base-on- balls with the strikeout. >> gary: 3-2. the runner will
9:57 pm
be going. -- runners will be going. more know, the 3-2 delivery. the ball gets away off the screen. it is a walk. staying at third base is denard span. they're loaded. all of there coming after there were two away. >> mike: the bottom of the order. and look at the pitch. 88. a very good pitch. and then he fouls off the really tough 0-2 pitch. and he has it to span. and kind of a good reverse omen for the orioles is he has had difficulty with the bases loaded
9:58 pm
loaded. >> gary: bases loaded. here is jim thome and a foul ball. jim thome against lefty this is year, .222, and he is 4-18 with one home run. he has faced ohman three times and 0-3. there will the runners. span, and hudson reached on an error. here is the 0-1 delivery. jim thome takes it. 1-1. that was clots. >> mike: if you're a home plate umpire, they're going to make you work. >> gary: they just don't bite. >> mike: the outside corner, high, low.
9:59 pm
thome with a 1-1. a good jam shot right there. he came back inside and it is 1- 2. >> mike: and away, away, and by waiters to the inside corner. pretty good pitch and pretty good location. >> gary: and oh-fer two tonight and a walk. and brad bergesen is waiting hoping ohman can protect that lead. and here is the 1-2 delivery. and back outside. 2-2. >> mike: you don't want to run it down do 3-2. 3-2 deliver whether i and thome goes down swinging and will ohman gets
10:00 pm
the big strikeout, the first strikeout for the two oriole pitchers in this ballgame. and bases left loaded. the stunning result of taking a very different road.
10:01 pm
>> welcome back to minnesota, everybody. will ohman with the big strut there to preserve the 2-0 lead. koji is warming up in the bullpen. he was about vatted after making four relab starts. he was scoreless in all four
10:02 pm
innings that he pitched. i asked him if he is excited to pitch out of the bullpen, and he said i'm just excited to be back on a major league plan. dave trembley will bring him in there in the bottom of the eighth. gary? >> gary: nice umbrella. >> thank you. >> gary: oh plan is getting the job done a big strikeout. brad bergesen, no runs, six hits. he did not strike out batter. he had a very shoot outing earlier. and that is his longest outing without striking out anyone. he gave up a couple of walks. double barrel action now in the bullpen for the twins. izturis on one pitch is retired here in the eighth inning.
10:03 pm
the orioles' shortstop. time to text in your vote for the at&t player of the game. here are your candidates, brad bergesen with a six and 2/3 inning start and ty wigginton, accounting for the only runs in the game and will ohman coming out of the bullpen to get a big strikeout. text in your vote 51862. >> mike: and the double play turns -- double plays turned tonight for the twins, and karl pavano. and three over the minimum. >> gary: that is amazing, and he is trailing. with those three ground ball double plays, the orioles have now tied an american league high and guess who they tied? minnesota. how about that? they are tied with the orioles and hitting into ground ball
10:04 pm
double plays. jones, and he held on to it. and there are two down. oh-fer four for jones. >> mike: adam jones clearly feeling for that pitch. >> gary: karl pavano worked eight innings in his last outing, a loss to detroit. he gave up seven hits. he has beaten the angels, boston and kansas city. he has lost to kansas city and detroit. >> mike: complete losses. >> gary: markakis is a sing is, 1-3. seven-game hit streak for nick and he is batting at .312 here in the top half of the eighth inning here. target field, minneapolis, a
10:05 pm
great pitchers' duel. pavano's delivery will miss, a two ball, one strike count. the orioles have left only one runner in scoring pings and that was in the sixth inning. they have left only three runners total. 10 left on by the twins including twice with the bases loaded. adding to their woes, 47 times with the bases loaded their batting average is below .150 in those situations. only houston and toronto have averages lower. 3-1, markakis fights it foul .
10:06 pm
and a walk. so in one game he has equaled the total number of walks he had in his first five, only three. >> mike: he had only walked three in 74 starts. >> gary: matt wieters has drawn a walk, hit special a double play and struck out. two down. markakis is on at first base. wieters hitting at .280. hard hit. and that is going to do it. no runsno hitsno errors and one left on base. the bottom of the eighth inning is coming. the orioles are shutting own the twins.
10:07 pm
all angus. all mcdonald's. ♪ ba da ba ba ba for every ant or roach you see in your home, there are hundreds more you can't. the solution? try combat source kill max baits.
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10:09 pm
>> mike: don't be fooled by that record of man' know. he has returned to form a couple of seasons ago. koji uehara. he has finally made his way back to the majors. >> mike: the 35-year-old right- hander. he will not be a starter any longer. he did last year, 66 innings, 71 hits, and he has been on the rehab assignment making his way through the minor leagues to get back and he'll be here tonight. >> gary: and his first major league pitch upon returning is a strike to michael cuddyer. cuddyer liting at .291, and kubel, ramos to follow. we're in the eighth inning. fouled back into the screen. dave trembley is saying that uehara will be a one-inning pitcher. cuddyer, four home runs, 22
10:10 pm
rbi's. the orioles have a 2-0 lead. two runs in the second inning. and nothing since and nothing at all for the twins. it stays with two strikes on cuddyer. >> mike: 87, 88 miles per hour. 0-2 delivery on the way. center field. and adam jones puts it away. cuddyer is retired. one away here in the eighth inning. and alberto castillo, the left- hander, sent down to make room for koji uehara. 88, and the same spot back-to-
10:11 pm
back, and the last three pitches in a row, almost identical. >> gary: and he works to jason kubel and a 1-0 count on kubel. he has had a single, 1-3 he this one to first base. ryan hughes. and he does. and there are two away here in the eighth inning. and the game on strikes drone and hitters knowing it, moving up there and swinging the bat. >> mike: once you establish you're going to throw strikes, you see this kind of game. >> gary: two down and nobody on. ramos delivered a single his first time up. he is 1-3 with a young catcher working. i don't know if joe maw leer be in any of these four games in this series or not. and we didn't think he would be today. he said he felt good.
10:12 pm
ron gardenhire, the manager, was happy with the way he performed. we'll see if he gets into a game. uehara get as pop-up and it will be out of play. one ball, two-strike count. ramos. the orioles are trying to win just their fourth game on the road. here is the 1-2 delivery. it came inside to him. uehara is ready and the 2-2 deliver i didn't have. long. and foul.
10:13 pm
>> mike: actually 32 of the saves from a couple of years ago. did he go? yes, he did. uehara makes his return retiring the runs in the order in the eighth inning and we go to the ninth. [ tim ] it has a little lemon zest and a historic brewing spice called grains of paradise. -it's citrusy. -lemon. -flavorful. -refreshing. -wow. [ man ] sam adams summer ale -- there's just something about it. it's like, totally reminds you of summer, you know?
10:14 pm
evertz test cc1
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>> orioles baseball on masn is brought to you by southwest airlines. go to grab your bags. it's on! just a tremendous pitching duel continuing here at target field in minneapolis, and the starter is out of there, pavano could be the loser. cabrera ons on in the ninth. >> mike: an outstanding year for the twins last year. he went 5-1 with a 2.00 e.r.a. ear. there are a lot of innings for the twins in the bullpen, and pavano is sort of assessing the situation. >> gary: the orioles will try to add here. that will be fouled away by dehadda. two singles and a walk for miguel tejada. a seven-game hit streak going.
10:16 pm
.323 and he has a good, solid average going against matt grirra, the right-hander. that is to first, short hop. the pitcher covers, and a good break by grirra to get over there. vote for your favorite orioles. one lucky winner is going to get four tickets to an upcoming game. on-field access to watch batting practice and a private meet and greet with the o's all- stars and a personalized all- star jersey. visit all-stars for complete details. wigging phon, and ty is off the glove, and it is an infield hit so wigginton who had the home run in the second inning gets the infield single here in the ninth with one away.
10:17 pm
>> mike: take a look at the replay. and there is nothing you can do about it. >> gary: so ty wiggington with a two-hit ballgame, 2-4, and graya will work, and he lugo will come on to run for wigginton. lugo running here in the ninth. the orioles have a 2-0 lead. they will welcoming -- looking to win game one of there four- game set and the rain has actually let up a little bit here, and that is going to police outside. garrett atkins. atkins, 1-3. he extended his hit streak to four games. he is now hitting at .275 on
10:18 pm
the year. lugo's short lead atkins will take a strike. one ball, one-strike count. the oriole closer is up in the bullpen. simon may get a slot at a save here. the orioles would like a couple more runs up instead. the throw over to first to get him back. graya with a 1-1. and that is going to be fouled back the other way.
10:19 pm
the orioles won this season series last year 3-2. breaking ball, and got him. he backed off on that and guerrier get as strikeout. >> mike: the curve ball with a pretty good bite on it. he lets atkins relax and finishes in kind of the upper quad drant of the strike zone. >> gary: brian hughes is 1-3 now with two down and a runner on at first base. >> gary: he sees that and makes
10:20 pm
the throw over. again, and lugo back. obviously a potential big run over there. if the orioles can get lugo around. the look and the pitch is going to be outside for a ball. >> mike: he has been the workhorse of the twins' bullpen the last couple of seasons. one of the busier relievers in all of baseball. >> gary: the fan noise is about
10:21 pm
the bird. the bird has been swooping down apparently catching whatever may be flying nearby, and the fans are applauding on each successful jaunt. >> mike: they appreciate good fielding. >> gary: they do. 2-0. there goes lugo. the throw down, ray moss and not in time. and the orioles get a stopen base and lugo gets into scoring position. >> mike: or get into a position where a single could add another run and it would be a huge run. we're at this point where one man gets on and the tying run comes to the plate. >> gary: lugo is 2-3 in stoling bases. ray moss only a couple of chantses. he is 0-2 in trying to throw out stolen bases. >> mike: and that may be even
10:22 pm
attempts. >> gary: and they have done very little running. so lugo is on at second. he'll be able to get a pretty good lead. the middle infield is spread out against ryan hughes and hughes clocks that one to center, but an atam ball and denard span is right there. one left on base, an the orioles are three outs away from a win and simon will come on. 2-0, o's. topped with fire-roasted corn. all with unlimited refills. it's chili's bottomless express lunch for just $5.99. for a limited time. only at chili's. [ male announcer ] achievement has its own patch of grass.
10:23 pm
♪ achievement unleashes hidden potential. ♪ all right! achievement looks forward to dinner at home. achievement enjoys newfound freedom. i love you. [ male announcer ] mortgages, home equity loans, and lines of credit from pnc. helping achievers borrow with an eye towards the future. pnc. for the achiever in us all. >> hi, everybody. egypt hunter and rick dempsey. post-game, and outstanding pitching on both sides. can alfredo simon close it out? >> let's hope he does. and ty wigginton hits his 10th home run tonight. he puts the orioles up 2-0 and that's the way it stands right now. >> and to put anytime perspective. wigginton has 10 home runs and the rest of the orioles' teamed
10:24 pm
has 19. back to target field we go, gary thorne and mike flanagan. >> gary: jim, thank you very much. this bird has become a story flying around and getting enormous moths. the fans are applauding every time he goes up and brings one back. let's bring you up to date on the voting for the at&t player of the game. you can still vote. brad bergesen has a chance to be the winner. text in your vote, and the results coming up in the post- game show. alfredo simon to try to close it out. >> mike: and he last worked against the yankees in yesterday's ballgame. it seems like a long time ago and a long ways away but he is back in there tonight the trying to close out a 2-0 lead in a game that has been so well played by the orioles tonight and their defense, and certainly brad bergesen pulling -- cooling off a very hot ball club on a very cool night. >> gary: the orioles come back
10:25 pm
from a game against the yankees that they played sloppily in the words of ty wigginton and they have done just the other here. and that will be taken inside for a ball. it will be eight, nine and one due up here in the ninth inning for minnesota. and he has had a single, 1-3. tremendous speed. and he can lay it down. tejada has moved in at third base brad bergesen, no runs, six hits, six and 2/3. will ohman came on for a third of an inning astrikeout and a winston cup. uehara coming back off the d.l. one inning with a strikeout. karl pavano, eighty innings, and he walked three and he struck out eight. and he showed bunt. he did not go after it, and not a called strike. it is 2-1. >> mike: and getting on base with a two-run deficit. the run really means nothing if you're going to give it away.
10:26 pm
we have seen him go for a couple of bunts. he did a swing, fake bunt, swing. >> gary: he tried to drive that ball and fouls it back into the screen. the twins have been shut out once by the detroit tigers 3-0 on the 29th of april. the orioles have not shut out an opponent this year. and this one is not over. a four-game win streak for the twins in jeopardy. the orioles trying to win. that will miss inside and simon takes it full, 3-2. 3-2
10:27 pm
delivery. big hop! hughes stays with it and gets the out. and casilla retired. one away in the ninth inning. that one almost ate him up. >> the orioles have done well tonight. here is how they were able to deliver strikes when kneed, and stay away from unnecessary walks. >> gary: dell monoyoung who is platooning out in left field, will be the pinch hitter for nick punto, the third baseman. young will take the fastball. it is in there for a strike. young with that .260 average, three homers, 11 rbi's. as a pinch hitter, oh-fer one this year. dell monoyoung, the ground ball to short. and izturis with the long
10:28 pm
throw, and there are two down. and dell monoyoung thought he beat it out. and he is trying to argue. >> mike: take a look at the replay. and a close play, but not close enough. two down. and a pitcher's ballgame dorioles' one out away from shutting out the twins in their first meeting of the season. look to beat karl pavano and the pitch is a strike to denard span. 2-4, single, double. top of the order. wow. that was a good off-speed pitch
10:29 pm
that we don't see often or haven't seen. he had him way out in front of that one. span, growned towards third and miguel tejada and this one is in the book for the o's! they open up this four-game series with an impress if 2-0 win over the twins shutting them down as the o's get their first shut-out of the year as a team. bergesen gets his second win to go 2-2. they beat karl pavano who is now 3-3, and simon comes on and gets it done again, his third save. >> mike: and absolutely. well played. certainly an exciting game if you like pitching, and the opportunities along the way.
10:30 pm
it seemed like the orioles pitchers for sure needed to throw a strike, there were a number of 3-2 count counts and able to do it. so i think he is back in the bullpen and simon on the end, and they really held up a terrific outing by brad bergesen. and he didn't strike anyone out, but he had a game plan and the twins knew he was doing it, and it you worked. >> gary: and certainly one of the better played ballgames by the orioles. 38,489 on hand and it only took two hours and 17 minutes. let's get down to amber. >> and coming off of a pretty tough run in new york, how does it feel to come out and get a win in the tough conditions against a very good team? >> and we play all of the first place teams, and we're happy with the way we play lately. and we're going to continue to play. we are professional, and there are a lot of game left and we'll play baseball.
10:31 pm
>> you have been on fire at the plate and gotten your average up over .300. you get the base hit today and then ty wigginton comes an knocks you in with a home run. how hot has ty been and how fun has it been to have him in the newspaper. >> and he has been hot for the team lately and it is good. it is good. i think we're going to have everything together and i'm going to get a hit from him, and you can see. >> brad bergesen is back on track today. and, you know, the starting pitching, and i think that is something that we need. we need a pitch tore do that and we have to play good defense. >> enyou the win, miguel. gary? >> gary: thank you very much so the first one goes to the o's. game two tomorrow. kevin millwood on the mound against francisco mar an flow. our coverage on masn 2, 7:30, "o's xtra" presented by your local ford dealer followed by game coverage at 8:00.
10:32 pm
for mike flanagan, amber theoharis and all of our crew, i'm gary thorne, great job. the orioles win it. this has been a masn presentation. a look at a well-played ballgame. "o's xtra" with jim and rick, right now! >> and welcome in, everybody. it is "o's xtra" presented by verizon phi i don't say as the orioles win the first game in the four-game series in minnesota. their first look ever at the brand-new target field. 2-0, the final as brad bergesen and the bullpen get it done and they get the win to snap the three-game losing streak. "o's xtra" presented by verizon phi i don't say. it was all the focus about bergesen together and you said early on if you saw the brabble ground balls you knew he was going to have a night in which he might give himself a chance to win and that's what happened. >> well, there kid, he showed you tonight that he made some
10:33 pm
adjustments, and he really got his arm up a lot better than he had. maybe that didn't seem so bad, but a couple of the base hits were also ground balls. but this is what he has to do, get his arm up a little more. i thought he could have been better than he was, and it looked like he was so much stronger than he was before. he held them to six hits and only one inning for the minnesota twins, and if they get particular than one hit in that inning and there is damage control for him tonight. plus, he went right back to the fastball every single time and got the ground ball. the defense was almost flawless, just the one error at first base, but they came back and made up for that by making a big out. i thought this was his best outing and hopefully we'll build on that. >> it is interesting on a night when he was concentrating on strikes, he didn't have at least one strike. let's get a look at the game recap. all of the scoring would come on one swing.
10:34 pm
here is wigginton. and his 10th home run on the year and a 2-0 orioles lead and that would hold up a big play. bottom of the seventh. the bases loaded. will ohman strikes out jim thome so minnesota leaves three. and there is the final out, and tejada was up and he guns it across and there is the final out and alfredo simon, his first three up, three down inning since coming up and go ing into the orioles' bullpen. two runs on seven hits for the birds and no runs on six hits. bergesen gets the win. and pavano is now 3-3. all of the scoring on the big swing of the bat as ty wigginton has hit his 10th and the orioles made it hold up as the bullpen was outstanding again. the orioles win it by a final of 2-0. this night belongs to brad bergesen. let's rejoin gary thorne and mike flanagan. >> gary: thank you very much. resiliency shown after a poorly played game against the
10:35 pm
yankees. they come back and put together one of the best efforts they have lad under some pretty tough conditions here in this game. you really like to see that from a ball club as miguel tejada was saying. they don't intend to sit this thing out here. they have a lot of games left to g and are trying to establish some consistency like we saw. >> they may have played their best game of the season. i think that the staff really needed it has a whole to have someone go out and show the way that bergesen is someone that has struggled through spring training and well into the first part of the season. again, the talking before the game, he says he still has his sinker. he just needs to relax, and let that ball sink instead of making it sink. and he had numerous roller and ground balls to the infielders. that's exactly what the doctor ordered. i think no strikeouts is a good thing. >> gary: and the twins with a bases loaded opportunity and ohman on the strut on the
10:36 pm
other, the key outs they needed they acquired. >> mike: it is almost ironic that ohman get as strikeout and koji get as strikeout and bergesen has no strikeouts after facing, i don't know, 24, 25 hitters, so it is kind of an amazing game. >> the orioles were able to hang on here. you don't want to be playing all of these one and two-run ballgames. you'd like to have a breather. >> it seemed like a landslide. as soon as somebody gets on base, the tying run comes to the plate. you really would like to see dave trembley. once in a while would be nice. and the hawk that we saw all night long got an treax bug in his mouth just because the orioles won. it was out there celebrating at the end of the game. joe and rick, back to you. >> thank you very much. gary thorne and mike flanagan. mike and gary are talking about the two-run decision. two runs or less decided by in this game for the orioles. so another close one.
10:37 pm
and this time they pull it out by a final of 2-0. at&t player of the game as voted on by the fans. brad bergesen and why not. 73% of the vote. he goes six and 2/3. of the 20 outs he recorded 12 on ground ball outs so brad bergesen wins his second on the year. no runs, and that was big because the orioles only scored two and they made it hold up. bergesen is your at&t player of the game. there play not be a hotter hitter in baseball now. long ballwise than ty wigginton. and his 10th home run drove in two and the difference in the orioles' win. [ laughs ]
10:38 pm
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>> gary: brian roberts has been out of the orioles' lineup since aggravating his back. he was an analyst on the pre- gym and he gave us anup date on how the injury is coming along. >> the doctors have me on a great physical therapy program. unfortunately i just don't have a final date now. my back is feeling a lot better, but unfortunately the disk injury and the nerve injury is something that they say will really just heal over
10:40 pm
time and there is really nothing you can do to speed that whole process up. so right now we're trying to be patient, work hard, keep my body in shape to enough when the time is right, i'll be ready to get back out there. >> a very difficult time for brian roberts because you know how competitive he is. this is the type of thing where you have to be patient and hope when it heals, it heals enough where they won't have to worry about it for the rest of the year. >> it is a tough area to get to. i know it is like childbirth for a man when you go into those spasms. but to have a disk problem. nerve damage, that take as long time for that to heal. it is not like you can get into a whirlpool and it is going to be okay in two or three days. no, it has its own time schedule, and when it is ready, then brian roberts will be back. >> the orioles win it 2-0 and ty wigginton all of a sudden has become home run derby
10:41 pm
wigging don. he hit his 10th tonight and it was the difference in this game. what are you seeing at the plate? >> he is so short and quick and so focused. he know what is he is looking for. and he is not missing them. other guys would be fouling them off. look at this pitch. almost down the middle of the plate. if they come anywhere near close to that, this ball is out of the ballpark. he lost 15 pounds ton year. everything now looks so much quicker, faster, is there is so much more, an it is really paying off for him. the condition that he got himself in this year, look at how impact that swing is. you can just take one look at him and see he has a lot of power in that body. >> so his average is .299. the home run and he is second now in the american league. paul konerko on the white sox has 12. 19 rbi's to lead the club. 15 runs and four doubles leading the orioles in home runs and
10:42 pm
rbi's. the thing about ty wigginton on this road trip. he was just 1-13 in a series in new york. but that one base hit was a already and the big home run tonight, and i guess if you are capable of being a home run hitter, they tend to come in streaks. >> they do. and he is the ultimate professional. he is the guy who knows he came to the ball club this year. he wasn't going to get a chance to play on a regular basis. he gets an opportunity to my and now he is putting up all- star numbers. i hope he continues to do this for the next month and a half and he gets an all-star bid. that would make me feel so good for him. >> and the orioles finally get koji uehara back this year. he was injured in spring training and not only did he come in and have overwhelming success, it was a three up, three down inning. >> i kept looking at the miles per hour meter, and it didn't look all of that great, but when he stays behind the ball, he hides it. he finishes perfectly square oh the hitter, and this is what you really look for. this is why he can make pitches with the movement on it and he
10:43 pm
can throw it up in the zone when they're a little late getting to the ball. he got the ground ball he wanted. look at this pitch here. up and away. it is close fluff to the strike zone because he hides the ball so well. >> and a good night for koji, and the bullpen certainly needs him up there. >> and that bottom line is what matters most. 12 pitches, nine strikes. and he went right after the hitters and the defensive hitters, so koji uehara awelcome guy to have back in that bullpen. he pitched the eighth and simon pitched the ninth. we're going to welcome in the orioles' pitching coach rick kranitz who has to be thrilled with how things turned out. let's start with brad bergesen. he got you 12 ground ball outs of the 20 outs he got no strikeouts, but you know what? when that sinker is working
10:44 pm
like that, who cares about the strikeouts. >> you're exactly right, especially with seven out of nine left-handed hitters they threw at us. at times he got behind. it is not typical of him to get behind, but that is not an easy lineup to face, as many left- handers as he did. you're right. when he had his back against the wall, he made some nice pitches. it is nice to see guys roll over. we always thought he got away from his sinker and he got it back. he threw 85 sinkers or something like that. it was really nice to see him get after it. >> and in talking about brad, and i have caught a lot of good sinker ball pitchers like him. it just looked like he was so far underneath the ball early, and he just couldn't get his fastball down, he went to the breaking ball because it was the only thing he could get over the plate at the time. >> well, you're absolutely
10:45 pm
right. he was really quick on his delivery. here is a guy who gathers hymn and he did a real good job at doing that tonight tonight. and early you're supposed to get to the left-handerring, and there were balls right out of his hand and he needed to make that adjustment. he made some great pitches when it really counted, especially later in the count when it came back on 3-0 twice to get the ground balls, and that was fun to watch. >> and talk a little bit about the bullpen. it was a long stretch where their just were not pitching well at all. now it looks like ohman is starting to pick up the pace and simon and even albers now is starting to show the sharpness he had for a good stretch last year. >> well, you're absolutely right. the thing is, 1-2-3 innings have settled down a little bit. suns simon came here and got the closer, he can get right- handers out as well.
10:46 pm
and i think the guys have all stepped up and they're ail pounding the strike zone. we have good stuff in the bullpen, and we just have to figure it out. we didn't pitch well early. and they needed to step it up and they all have. receiver single one of them stepped it up, even casilla -- castillo, and it is nice to have every single guy pitch well and to have koji come in, the way he works. he works real fast. he throw as lot of strikes. and is that is huge for us. [ and rick, when you and i talked the other day at camden yards the day jim johnson got sent down, you were telling me about how confidence plays a big part in the success or the lack of success. when brad bergesen went down to trillion' -- a.a.a., and since he has been back, you have been working ton mechanical parts of his delivery and his follow-
10:47 pm
through. when you see brad bergesen go out there and pitch like he did tonight, how does that all tie together and what does that mean for brad as he goes forward? >> i have always throughout that once he gets a few innings under his belt, he will get rolling. he couldn't get anything going before. and we saw him taking a step backwards. he saw him really get rolling. obviously it works hand in hand with him and you saw the confidence really start to come. at times, you know, we saw some pitches that he wasn't real aggressive on, but he got it back. those two hitters, a couple of the left-handed hitters in the middle of our lineup, they're powerful, powerful guys. and he backed off a little bit early on them, but he came back and made great pitches. you can just see the confidence, especially later in the game when they were going right at him. >> rick, congratulations. your pitchers got you your first
10:48 pm
shut-out since september 6 of lath year against texas when guthrie, albers and mickolio combined on a shut-out. it was a good way do get the series off to a good start. >> and that other one was not a nail biter. when guys are throwing like that, i can sit back and relax and have a good time. i don't like those guys all over the bases that is not good. >> rick, we appreciate the visit. thanks for joining us. >> thanks. >> that is rick kranitz, the orioles' pitching coach. we auto going to head back to target field now with the manager dave trembley. let's re-join gary thorne and mike flanagan. >> the orioles' skip is joining us. is it fair the say that is 2 best complete game overall played by the orioles so far? >> yeah, i'll tell you this, that is the best game i have ever seen bergesen pitch. boy, he made some great pitches. and he had sink, got the ground
10:49 pm
ball outs, yiewpsed his changeup effectively. he had excellent, excellent tempo the entire game. and i liked our match-ups. we got the big hit for wigginton. and this is a great way to start this series against a very good team. >> absolutely. >> and you were saying you were going to sneak into town and take a couple of games from this minnesota club. how did you feel about that. >> i felt if they scored in the first inning we wouldn't have a chance. they have the balance at the top and the bottom with the big thunder in the middle of their lineup. so you have to keep those guys off base and you have to make some big pitches. you have to keep your cool and you have to play like a team and we did that tonight. >> and koji uehara came back and gave you a very solid inning, skip. >> he has been ready. you know, the ball looked quick coming it of his hand. he had good movement, and what he has one time around is he has deception because he'll give you different arm angles, and he'll take something off. it was nice to have him out there. >> and how about wigginton? the job he has done, and offensively and defensively, too. >> he played a solid game and he got the big hit. like i said last week, wigginton has been steady. to have that kind of day in and day out, you know, outcome from him, has been real important for us. >> skip, congratulations. we'll see you tomorrow. >> oh, that was fun. we can do this again tomorrow night after we win. >> anytime you want. >> i don't mind at all! >> all right. dave trembley, the skipper of the orioles joining us here at
10:50 pm
target field where the o's put the first one in this four-game set away. jim and rick, back to you. >> gary, thank you very much. everything is always better after a win. will ohman had a huge strikeout. thome left the bases stranded and the orioles win it 2-0! ihop's piling on the value with pancake stackers. pancakes layered with cheesecake and toppings. ihop. come hungry. leave happy. buy a $25 gift card and get $5 off a future visit.
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10:53 pm
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>> the orioles conclude this road trip and they're back home and the seattle mariners will be at camden yards next tuesday, wednesday and that you are. three more games to go in minnesota. tomorrow night and then the day games on saturday and sunday before the orioles head home. in minneapolis tonight it was a 2-0 final. and the birds win it. back to target field and amber is with oh plan. >> and will, coming in in the seventh inning you know that brad bergesen has had one of his best outings of the year so far and you only have a two-run lead. take me through that more know at-bat and then thome. >> i wanted to get ahead of him as soon as possible obviously
10:56 pm
and my goal is to walk him -- >> you did a good job. >> yeah, i really wanted to do that because it would make him nervous on the bench. >> and what added to the climax of striking out thome, so that was extra teague nick. >> no, i didn't even try to strike him out. that just happened. i don't know how. it was a blind squirrel and a nut situation. mostly i was just concerned with bradding brad uncomfortable. >> will oh plan with amber. he got the huge strikeout. and tomorrow it is the second game in this four-game series and the pitching match-up as the orioles always feel good when their ace goes to the mound, kevin millwood. >> millwood, he has been pitching very well. and he is still looking for his first win of the season, but he is up against a very tough customer, francisco mariano. another one of the tough left- handers that we're going to have to face. look at that e.r.a., 1.45. the orioles tomorrow night, another shut-out would be nice because that is the only way we can hurt this guy.
10:57 pm
>> i thought when we visited with gary and mike earlier in this show made a good point. the orioles played a very sloppy game in the finale in new york yesterday and then had to play after the game to minnal his and tonight they came back and i realize when you have a well pitched game you can get there, but i felt they really had some spunk tonight and a lot of spark, and i thought they played a very good game when they really needed to step up big after yesterday. >> i thought the key was brads bergesen because he worked very gas. he was very slow and deliberate in all of his pitches like you heard the skipper dave trembley talk about his tempo was great. more than that, when he got back up on the mound, every pitch, and he had great focus. he knew exactly what he wanted to throw all the time and that keeps the infield and everybody alive on the field. >> the orioles snap their three- game losing streak. join us tomorrow night for the second game of this four-game seriesment for rick dempsey and our entire crew, jim hunter, and the birds win it 2-0. enjoy the rest of your night and we'll see you back here
10:58 pm
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